by Blake Chastain
Exploring the world inside and outside the evangelical subculture, one conversation at a time."Exvangelical" is a shared starting point with many destinations; it acknowledges the impact (predominantly white/white-led) evangelicalism has had on our lives, but does not dictate our current or future beliefs & practices. On this podcast, you'll hear stories of people who've left evangelicalism for other branches of Christianity, for other spiritual traditions, and for none at all. All paths are valid. Wholeness > Holiness.Exvangelical is a production of The Post-Evangelical Post, LLC. Support the show at just $5/month or $50/year at postevangelicalpost.com. 25% of net proceeds...

Teddy Wilson on nationalist movements, the J6 & J8 insurrections, and more

In this episode, I speak with Teddy Wilson from Radical Reports about his experience covering the radical right. We talk about how important language is when identifying and discussing various groups, the transnational nature of nationalist movements, what we know about the Brazil insurrection so far—and finally, how “progressive” movements can respond to the rising tide of anti-democratic groups.Follow Teddy on Twitter: @reportbywilsonCome see Blake, Bradley Onishi of Straight White American Jesus, and Tim Whitaker of The New Evangelicals in Philly on 2/11/23! Tickets here; use code "20" to get 20% off! Support Exvang...

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