Ten To The Top

by BBC Radio 2
Can you make it all the way to the top in Radio 2's mid-morning music quiz with Vernon Kay?

We're raving and misbehaving on today's episode!

Jason has swapped partying for quizzing as he goes up against Axe throwing enthusiast Ben!

Vernon's running towards the answers!

Richard from Abertillery and Lucy from Banbury are testing their music knowledge today!

Will you soar like an eagle or slither like a snake in today's quiz?

Catherine from New Malden takes on Dave from Stafford who seems to have a way with words!

Squeaky clean and spotless - it's Vernon with the quiz!

Window cleaner Elliott and theatre fan Mel give Ten To The Top their best shot!

It's a big announcement day for Vernon Kay!

Katie in Cambridgeshire and Jennie in Lincolnshire welcome in the new week with the quiz!

Vernon's buzzing for the weekend and THE QUIZ!

Will Jackie's shorthand skills and Sam's rugby reflexes help them in today's quiz?

Two cooking fans stir the pot in another battle for that Smart Speaker!

Dylan from Hereford and Barry from Halling, who'll walk away with that Smart Speaker?

Another day, another Ten To The Top!

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Ten To The Top. Who will win the coveted smart speaker?

Dogs, drama and claims to fame!

Dog lover Lorraine and drama fan Richard take on Ten To The Top!

Hola! Como estás?

It's the day after Radio 2 in The Park but Ten To The Top still continues!