Probably Science

by Andy Wood, Matt Kirshen
Professional comedians with so-so STEM pedigrees take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring hosts Matt Kirshen, Andy Wood (and sometimes Jesse Case or Brooks Wheelan) along with a rotating cast of special guests from the worlds of comedy and science.

Episode 486 - Sarah Lane

Host of Daily Tech News Show Sarah Lane (@sarahlane) joins Jesse, Matt and Andy to talk about ballerina doppelgangers, Tom Cruise stunts, Cocaine Bear, accidentally ending up on the air, bumblebees learning to solve puzzles by watching their friends, talkin' transoms, more medical tourism, Meta's VR play and DuckDuckGo's new AI-assisted search.

Episode 485 - AI Talk with Kevin Roose

New York Times technology columnist and host of the Hard Fork podcast Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) joins Andy, Jesse and Matt to talk about his infamous, amorous encounter with Bing Chat/Sydney, Sydney's response to his story, getting backhanded compliments from John Oliver, how ChatGPT was dismissed by its own creators, generative AI and the future of deepfakes, AI's capability overhang, explaining LLMs' weirdness with the Waluigi effect, artists' lawsuits over training AI on their creations, whether we care how art is …

Episode 484 - Amanda Brooke Perrin

Comedian and writer Amanda Brooke Perrin (@brookeperrin) joins Matt, Andy and Jesse to discuss haboobs, a Tony update, a 2200-year-old flush toilet found in China, DIY Poo-Pourri, how soft food gave us the F-word, Andy's consonant invention, ChatGPT developing a theory of mind, and dolphin handjobs.

Episode 483 - Erica Spera

Comedian Erica Spera (@Spericaa) joins Andy, Jesse and Matt to talk about almost going into dentistry, prehistoric teeth, Andy's Mexican dental tourism, what we're supposed to call mummies now, monster cereals, AI Seinfeld's heel turn, Roko's basilisk, mummy chemicals, ancient stone tools and more stone tools and Soylent.

Episode 482 - Jo Rou

Comedian/filmmaker Jo Rou (@awkwardlyjazzy) joins Jesse, Matt and Andy to discuss Santana's answer to Beats by Dre, the mystery of a gibbon immaculate conception solved, the tiny radioactive capsule that went missing in the outback, detecting cancer with customer loyalty cards, airbrushing Boris Johnson, Jesse's bad business ideas, the Snickers dick vein, World War I talk, the awful new show Power Slap and Jo's sitcom I Adore Dolores.

Episode 481 - Misophonia with Dr. Jane Gregory and Steve Hall

Clinical psychologist and misophonia researcher Dr. Jane Gregory (@drjanegregory) and comedian Steve Hall (@astevehall) return to the show to talk with Matt, Jesse and Andy about Jane's work studying misophonia, what to do if your spouse's breathing drives you insane, and what's on the horizon for treating the condition. Trigger non-warning: This episode contains NO examples of misophonia-triggering sounds. That we know of.

Episode 480 - Michael Magid

Comedian, goalkeeper and coach Michael Magid (@michaelmagid) joins Andy, Matt and Jesse to discuss Michael's football (soccer) podcast Inside the 18, his new social network The Union, quitting your gym with the help of AI, a Tesla that caused a pileup, a Tesla that thwarted a triple murder-suicide, fires in electric vs. gas cars, a breakthrough in reversing aging in mice, ripped old guys, Matt Braunger's Weight Smashers sketch, lab-grown retinal eye cells to treat blindness and Matt and Andy's …

Episode 479 - Christina Martin

Comedian turned author Christina Martin (@christinamartin) joins Jesse, Matt and Andy to talk about atmospheric rivers, shared names, Christina's book Ashes to Admin: Tales from the Caseload of a Council Funeral Officer, putting on funerals for unidentified decedents, the return of a comet after 50,000 years, Newton's madness, Heaven's Gate sneaker collection, reversing erectile dysfunction in pigs and a real horror show of a pig.

Episode 478 - Sean Patton

Comedian Sean Patton (@mrseanpatton) returns to the podcast to talk with Andy, Jesse and Matt about his new special Number One, comedian affectations, paradox-free time travel, alternate Hitler histories, water pipe robots to deal with leaks and how the sun put water on the moon.

Episode 477 - Katrina Davis

Comedian Katrina Davis (@katrinasivad) joins Jesse, Matt and Andy to discuss gene-edited hens, baby dinosaurs running on the beach, snake clitorises and the correlation between vaccination status and car crashes.