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95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rāmere, February 3, 2023

We've made it to the end of the week and to top it off we've got a Breakfast Buffet with none other than Dave Borrie at Radio One, Travelling Tunes with Dr. Kirsten Zemke, Vera Ellen on the line to chat about her brand new single 'Carpenter,' and Viewmaster with Sam! Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rāpare, February 2, 2023

It's a Thursday morning and today on the show we've got the Deputy Leader of the Opposition talking about the Auckland floods, the latest polls, and comments around inflation and the minimum wage on What's Up w/ Nicola Willis; Delaney's here for some great comfort baking recs on Breakfast Food, and Logan Collis aka Honey phones up for a kōrero about Cxnt Vol.1! Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rāapa, February 1, 2023

The weather in Tāmaki Makaurau continues to be absolutely awful (we hope you're doing okay out there!) but the radio is here to keep you company. Today we've got some Political Commentary with Associate Professor Dr. Lara Greaves, Rob chats Mr. Blobby and black bears on The Mind Trench, Andwhan from The Big Fresh Collective is on the line to chat about his new EP, and Amelia's here for Word Salad! Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rātū, January 31, 2023

It's a damp Tuesday morning, and Rachel and Zoë take you through from 7 until 10 with a special edition of A Room of One's Own with Salene where she shares advice and help for renters who are struggling after the Auckland floods, the Creative Director of Auckland Pride Festival, Nathan Joe, is on the line for a kōrero, Janina Nana Yaa chats about their F.O.L.A. show on Stage Direction, and we learn about anauralia on Ready Steady Learn! Whakarongo …

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rāpare, January 26, 2023

It's Thursday morning and on the Breakfast show we have Rod Oram on the line for some much needed Political Commentary, an early spin of the fantastic new Theia track 'Pray 4 Me' and a kōrero too, Jim's here for all your garden needs on Greening Out, and Roy Irwin chats about their new single 'Clover'. Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rāapa, January 25, 2023

Today on the Breakfast Show Rachel and Zoë chat to Rob Bollix for the Mind Trench, Gussie Larkin is on the line to talk about a cool opportunity that To The Front is putting on this weekend, Liz and Jon from The Beths are here to talk about Laneway and plans for the year, and Amelia chats about death on Word Salad. Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: Rātū, January 24, 2023

Tuesday things! A kōrero with Dbldbl and L V J, all things theatre on Stage Direction with Alice, and Ready Steady Learn! Whakarongo mai nei!

95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: January 23, 2023

It's the hard launch of Breakfast 2023! Whakarongo mai nei for some Fashun with Penelope Noir, Loose Reads with Jenna, and all the tunes and chats your heart desires.

95bFM Breakfast with Olly: Rāmere, January 20, 2022

Olly from Universal Harmony covers bFM Friday breakfast. Playing some late night radio staples... UKG, alt-Country, non-alt country, and some student radio classics from way back in 2016...

95bFM Breakfast with Eli: Rāapa, January 18, 2022

Eli from the Stew fills in for R & Z while they're off being worldbeaters. Check the tracklist and see if there's anything that peaks your interest. I update my playlist here after each show.