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In Good Company

In Good Company with Lisa and Lou


Sounds of Shangrila, Bhutan. In language. Music, local news presented weekly on 89.7FM Perth Community Radio. Commenced Thursday, 12th August 2021.

Wednesday Drive

No description available.

Lunchtime Live with Brandon

No description available.

The Wednesday Morning Show With Sue Myc

A platform to give a voice to all local community including up coming artists, authors, organisations, not for profit organisations, anyone with a story!

The G.O.A.T.S

“We are the GOATS! The greatest of all time – well our music is. Join Ken Sharpe and Tony D’Souza as we bring you ONLY the greatest songs by any band and only the greatest guests. It’s 8pm to 10pm Tuesday nights. And we only want the greatest listeners – that’s why it’s 89 7FM”

Bandar / Afghan Top 60

No description available.

Pop Culture

No description available.


No description available.

Rugby League Wrap

Rugby League Wrap with Gordon and Tim