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The 1517 Blogcast is a daily, microcast of articles from 1517. These articles share insight from a community of writers communicating the proclaimed forgiveness through Christ's death and resurrection, the importance and relevance of historical Christianity and defense of the faith through Christian apologetics.

The God Who Remembers: Mary

The Lord has remembered to help his servant Israel, to fulfill his promises to Abraham and to his offspring forever, not mostly or mainly because of his mercy, but exclusively so.

The God Who Remembers: The Action of Remembrance

This week, we’ll take a closer look at what it means to have a God who remembers us. Today, 1517 Scholar in Residence Chad Bird first introduces the Old Testament meaning behind the word and the Hebrew way of remembering.

The God Who Remembers: Joseph

Remembering is not recalling, its reflexing. It’s not meditating on things past and gone, but mediating into the present the truths learned in the past.

The God Who Remembers: Noah

When God remembers his covenant with Noah and causes the flood to subside, he also chooses to forget.

Lost in Christ

Faith sees your neighbor not as a means to an end, not as a way to score points, but as an object of love: Christ's love and yours.

The Unsung Inklings: Owen Barfield

Barfield taught Lewis the importance of balancing both reason and the imagination, both the rational and creative sides of the mind, something which was deeply influential in Lewis’s later apologetic, imaginative, popular, and scholarly writings.

Defeating the Goliath of Addiction

This communion is like a hospital for wounded souls, a place where people can be brutally honest, emotionally naked, and receive fellowship from their brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Inner Ring

The issue is not the existence of so-called inner rings, but our desire and willingness to spend our lives in order to gain from an inner ring what is freely promised in Christ: hope, security, and identity.

Becoming Human Again

The only place to begin a discussion of human/creaturely identity is with our relationship to the God whose breath filled dust, brought us to life, sustains us and gives us a hopeful future.

The Word I Have Needed When My Son Has No Words

What parents like me need is the same thing every parent needs: the gospel.